How Long Will it Take Me to Recover After a Tooth Extraction?

If your dentist is recommending that you have one or more teeth extracted for any reason, then you might be thinking of recovery time and how long it is going to take you to be back on your feet. You probably don’t want to miss too much work or other important events on your schedule, but you know your procedure is important for your dental health, so making plans before you visit your tooth extraction near me richmond specialist will help you rest a little easier while you recover.

First, remember that the amount of time it is likely to take you to recover largely depends on what kind of extraction procedure you are having done.

Simple Extractions

If you are undergoing a simple extraction procedure, which is the simple removal of a tooth that has erupted into a patient’s mouth), then your recovery won’t be a very long affair. Your dentist or oral surgeon will probably recommend that you take it easy for at least the first three to four days after the procedure is over. This gives you plenty of time to take it easy and allow the extraction area to clot with blood.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are a bit of a different affair. This is where a tooth is still within a patient’s gums, and the jawbone has to be removed in order to operate. Most oral specialists will probably recommend that you plan at least a week of recovery time, though it could be longer for some patients and shorter for some.

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No matter which type of extraction you’re facing, you will probably be prescribed some pain medication to help you along with any discomfort you may be feeling, and when your recovery is complete, you’ll be ready to go back to eating your favorite foods and living your normal life.