Should You Choose Dentures or Implants For Missing Teeth?

Losing a tooth is not only a matter of health, but self-esteem as well. It is especially true if you lose a tooth that is in the front part of your mouth. It is one that would be easily visible when you smile or talk, which means losing that tooth is going to cause your self-esteem a lot of problems.

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One of the best steps you can take is to get a replacement for the tooth as soon as possible. You can talk with your dentist about the available options, as they can insert partial dentures bellevue or implants into your mouth to take the place of that tooth.

If you are considering between these two options, we have some advice that should help with the decision making process. One of the key issues with implants is that you are going to pay a high price.

Implants are great in almost every other way. You will have roots that go deep into your gums, which will mimic what the roots of your teeth do. That means your implant will be very solid in your mouth, so you do not have to worry about it coming out.

The fake tooth that goes at the top of the implant is very realistic and is going to look great. You do not have to worry about it looking off or unusual. The only real issue is cost, as you will be paying a high price.

Those who do not have a very high budget can go with partial dentures. These are not a bad option either. They are not as long lasting, but a great dentist can make the dentures fit so they look just like a real tooth. You just have to take good care of them over the years.

If you are determined to get implants, ask your dentist about payment plans.